Angela says, “Wallpaper is back!”

Wallpaper is back!

Angela says wallpaper now is your grandmother’s type of wallpaper with the roses that permanently glued to the wall. In those days if you tried to remove it, the whole wall came down with it. Wallpapers today are “wall friendly.” The adhesives used today are much easier to remove without damaging walls.

There are many new wonderful papers out with updated designs and textures, such as granite or stone looks, peel and sticks, faux leather, faux bamboo, faux metal, glass beading, and more. The styles range from traditional to ultra modern.

People are still using wallpaper for entire rooms like kitchens and powder rooms, but they are also covering one wall in a room as an accent wall. It is a small, inexpensive way to make a strong statement. And it is a change or update that can be achieved quickly. Children’s rooms are a great location for wallpaper as well.

Every designer we see on television or read about in magazines has their own designer labeled  line of wallpaper. That should tell us something! Designers are using it everywhere. Many showrooms use it during market to highlight their furniture pieces. Decorative Magic has even had furniture market buyers call the store for a wallpaper they saw in a showroom. And Angela drop ships it all over the country!

Angela says she loves to go to the movies and look at the interior scenes around the actors to see what interior decor is featured. She has even recognized some of the wallpapers used in movies that she carries at Decorative Magic!

Angela consistently updates her wall boards at the store showcasing the latest and greatest styles of wallpaper. Come by and check them out! You not only need to see the new papers, but you must touch and feel them. They are beautiful!


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