Decorative Magic Showroom Design Services
With over twenty years experience working with home furnishings manufacturers at showrooms in High Point and across the nation, the team at Decorative Magic is uniquely positioned to provide design and project management services for this specialized industry. We understand the critical objectives for successful showrooms — highlighting the newest collections in a manner that compels repeat visits and generates sales. Showrooms are perhaps the best example of spaces designed to communicate the utmost in style, while not overshadowing the products, and of a quality that can look pristine while accommodating the busiest foot traffic. With 80,000 visitors to the High Point Market alone, the products selected for showroom flooring and wall coverings need to be aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

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  • The team at Decorative Magic exceeded our expectations with their redesign of our corporate office. Mason and her team completely understood our objectives for our new décor and the quality of the overall design plan, fine products and responsive service was consistently outstanding. The transformation of the entire space, including flooring, painting, upholstery and window treatments resulted in an environment that is contemporary, welcoming and perfectly suited to our business needs.

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