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Even the simplest design project can become complicated when planning expertise and products are acquired through several different sources. And as the size of a project increases, so does the time and expense of selecting and coordinating many choices. By serving as your personal design team and one-stop resource for all your flooring, painting, wall coverings, fabrics and installation, Decorative Magic provides seamless expert support at every milestone leading to the completion of your project. This constant oversight and precise coordination inevitably results in an exceptional outcome, at a cost that reflects the efficiencies of working with one extremely experienced and highly reputable firm.

Conversely, if your project only requires the selection and installation of flooring, or consultation on window coverings, or even just the services of our team of dependable painters, Decorative Magic is committed to completing that crucial piece of your project with an unwavering dedication to excellence and incomparable service.

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  • For the past sixteen Markets, Mason Garner and the Decorative Magic team have designed, sourced and installed our showroom flooring to most effectively complement our home furnishings and to create an environment that compels buyers to shop our new collections in comfort and style. We know each of the installers personally and appreciate their quick and complete response to any requests. We can’t imagine planning our Market without the experience and professional support of Decorative Magic.

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